Greenwood Conservancy Hike – Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Report by Monica and Irv Peters – Eleven somewhat “waterproof” hikers showed up to travel the yellow trail at Greenwood’s Conservancy in the Town of Hartwick. At the outset meeting, there was sun and blue sky. That disappeared on the short trip to the trailhead, being replaced by drenching rain throughout the hike. Dr. Peterson stopped and said hello and was amazed by the number of hikers present. Setting off we were surrounded by lush greenery all around – the stream was flowing mightily under the ever so slippery bridge (but all were surefooted) – and the large beaver pond (the only one surviving dam breaching) was a delight as always. Those who were very lucky (and quiet) saw a heron nest and offspring upon approach to the pond. On our way up the muddy and slippery start to the hill climb more nests were spotted as well. The leader challenged (actually bribed) the group if they continued up the steep hillside and made it to the top – they would get a homemade brownie. I’m proud to say all joined in and enjoyed the treat. We then walked on to intersect with the green trail – onto Cranberry Bog Road and the Bog itself and again were met by Dr. Peterson who was even more amazed that such hardy souls had weathered (the word of the day) the conditions and not thrown in the umbrella. We observed many trees torn up by the roots and the beaver engineers’ destruction along the way as well. How does one enjoy the beaver’s “dam” projects and resulting ponds … and yet bemoan the demise of so many trees?
Anyway, according to all reports, the group enjoyed the beauty in spite of the inclemency, and a good though wet time was had by all. Some even felt this rainy hike toped previous wet adventures. This remains to be seen.  Photographs: The group photo taken by Pam Lea and the other photos by Doug Fielder.

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