Wilber Park Hike – Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Report by Currie Marr – There are two bike trails on the forested-hillside between Wilber Park and Wilber Park Apartments. The screwball red trail has more than 20 curves and repeatedly crosses rivulets; whereas, the connecting blue trail is a rollercoaster with long downward and upward sweeps. Fourteen participants were up to this challenge. As we walked through mixed hardwood, Red Pine, and European Larch forests, observations of wildlife were noted. These included: red berries of “Jack-in-the-Pulpit,” an abundance of mushrooms, Ash Trees marked for Borer control, a Garter Snake, and Toad. Conditions for hiking were excellent with a temperature of 70+ degrees, no mosquitoes, and a clean forest refreshed by overnight rain.  Photographs: Top row taken by Doug Fielder and bottom row by Scott Fielder.

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