GREAT HIKE AT GILBERT LAKE – Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Report by Aleda Koehn – A little rain the night before, (and the night before that, ..and the night before that…) did not stop 10 enthusiastic Adker’s from walking about a 4 mile trek thought the woods of Gilbert Lake. The sun was shining as we started out walking around the east side of the lake and then across to the cabin colony and the trail toward Ice Pond. Up to that point the trail was wet but not too bad. We decided to go up the hill to Spring Pond. We walked on one side of the trail as water flowed down the depression on the other side. When we got to Ice Pond we saw that the water was up to the embankment and over flowing down the slope. We bravely checked it out and found that we could walk through the 4-6 inches of water. Seems that, in addition to rain, beavers had started to dam the stream outlet. With some carefully placed rocks (thanks to Linda M.) and the use of walking sticks, we got across the outlet. The trail through the woods was wet and a few more spots required some maneuvering. At Lake of the Twin Fawns, we stopped to see and hear the tremendous roar of the rushing of water as it poured through the narrow stone chute of the dam into the brook below the bridge. We also noted a very large tree root and stump on one side of the dam. How did it get there? Was this something new? In spite of the water, or because of the water, we all enjoyed our end of the summer hike.

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