Valley View Hiking Trails – Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Report by Ruth Schaeffer – We started out about 9:30 and it was very brisk and foggy. I was afraid we wouldn’t get the beautiful view of the valley, but by the time we started on the hike, the sun had come out and the fog was burning off. There were 22 hikers with a guest from The Otsego County Conservartion Organization. We started out by hiking past the stream and then up the hill. I was surprised by the water on the trail itself. We hiked past “Fort Watchum”. Once we got up to the highest point we had a wonderful view of the valley and warm sun on our faces. As we continued on around the perimeter trail we ran into more streams and a sign that said, “The Mud”.. We thought it was referring to the small stream, but just a ways on we really saw the mud and decided to go back and take the trail in the middle. This also brought us back down to the parking lot. A few of us had our lunch around the pond. It was a very nice fall day.

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