Herrick Hill Hike – Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Report by Rita Salo – Sometimes it’s nice to walk on a nice even dirt road. You can just walk and look around without constantly watching your footing. And sometimes it’s nice to get into the woods and have to really watch the trail because you are searching for the best way to go over rugged ground or around obstacles. We had just a little bit of a “bush-whacking” feeling on our hike along the ridge of Herrick Hill on Tuesday. A few people told me that they really enjoyed that feeling. The day was bright and sunny with perfect temperatures for hiking. Twenty seven of us walked from Herrick Hill to Airport Road in Oneonta. On our way back from Airport Road we stopped at the home of Elaine Nahman to have our lunch. Elaine’s place is high up with a wonderful view to the west. The property is loaded with flowers. The deck was quite comfortable and big enough for all of us. The great view and beautiful grounds were our reward after the hike. Thank you Elaine!  Photographs: Top row by Doug Fielder and bottom row by Scott Fielder.

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