Leatherstocking Golf Course Hike – Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Report by Erika Heinegg – The Susquehanna Chapter of ADK in association with the Otsego County Conservation Association (OCCA) organized a hike of the Leatherstocking Golf Course with the Golf Course Superintendent, Bernie Banas, who guided the tour. The Superintendent proudly pointed out that his 30 year of diligently managing the greens to comply with ecological and conservational principles has paid off. For example, ditches and lagoons were built to catch run-off from salt on snow and icy streets along the lake adjacent to the Golf Course. Because there is no pressure to achieve the “Perfect Greens,” fertilizers and weed control products are used sparingly. He pointed out that grass makes a good filter for chemicals that have in the past gone directly into the lake water. Honoring Bernie’s practice of ecological maintenance, Audubon International recognizes the “Greens” to be a “Certified Audubon Cooperative Bird Sanctuary.” Following the tour, Mary Dunkle invited the entire group to her house for soup and fellowship. We enjoyed her wonderful decorations and the tradition of searching for the hidden pickle ornament. The lucky winner this time was Irv Peters. Mary’s hospitality has no equal and is the highlight for participating ADK members of the Christmas Season. Thank you Mary.

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