Crumhorn Mtn. Boy Scout Camp Hike – Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Report by Lucille Wiggin – Snow started to fall as 20 hardy ADKers gathered at the Crumhorn Mtn. Boy Scout Camp, now called Henderson Scout Reservation after a very major donor. Scott Brady, the resident care taker and in charge guy greeted us and said again that we are welcome to walk the trails, fish from the access points and launch motherless water craft any time; however, do not use the water front when the camp isi in session. There are 640 acres and many miles of trails to explore. I have a “relatively” accurate map created several years ago. But be sure to have a compass with you. We walked the major dirt road thru the camp past approximately 10 units with tent platforms, no tents of course, and service buildings. The newly improved cell phone, Verizon, etc. tower is visible as you travel Rt. 28 thru Milford at the northern end of this complex. The road away from the tower meets Boy Scout Rd. at the Lake outlet, a good place to launch your canoe, etc. From there we proceeded around the Lake to Hall Rd., past the 15 cottages on the east side and then again into the woods onto the old carriage road across the south end of the Lake and back to the Scout parking lot about a total of 2.5 very cold miles. Afterward, three of us enjoyed hot soup at Jackie’s Restaurant in Milford.  Photograph by Carol Saggese.

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