2014 Winter Loj Outing – February 3-6

Report by Aleda Koehn – Our 2014 winter Loj outing was the best in years! Monday, the 3rd of February, was sunny and dry, a perfect day for the drive to the North Country. We had been warned that there was little snow and were given ideas for alternate activities in the area. However, that weekend, about 4 inches of snow had fallen, at least in the Loj area. I have noticed that as one drives the five miles to the Loj, the amount of snow cover increases, perhaps because of the gain in altitude. That afternoon I was able to ski trails in the woods around the Loj where the snow cover was even deeper. Tuesday was a bright and sunny and some of the group were off to Van Hoevenberg Ski Center for skiing on the groomed trails. Wednesday morning brought clouds, and then snow which increased in intensity as the day progressed. We were aware of the coming Northeaster and had made plans to stay until Thursday. Some of our group snow-shoed and others went again to the Ski Center for a perfect day of skiing in the falling snow. After our various activities, we all gathered in the Great Room, by the fireplace and under the moose, as the snow swirled around outside. Although our group was only six, there were about ten other guests, all interesting to talk with and share adventures. Also the food, prepared by the new cook, was especially good and, as usual, we ate more than we should. The snow ended during the night, and by morning the sun shone through the snow laden trees and the sparkling snow crunched under foot. We packed up, brushed off the cars, and left the Loj. But we just had to spend the morning skiing at Van Hoevenberg! All the vehicles were out grooming the fresh snow on the miles of trails and conditions were ideal. Clear, dry roads for the return. A perfect ending to what turned out to be a perfect trip.  Photographs taken by Barbara Means: 1) Welcome sign above the Loj door, 2) Moose over fireplace in the Loj, 3) Stained glass windows in Great room made for ADK by member Don Bennett, 4) Snowy day, 5) Looking toward Heart Lake, and 6) 5) Aleda at Ski Center.

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