Fortin Park Hike – Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Report by Currie Marr – It was “April Fools Day” and the joke was a welcomed break from a harsh winter. The sun was brilliant and the temperature 55 degrees. All 16 participants seemed to revel in stretching their legs and deliverance from cabin fever. Fortin Park consists of two areas: the hillside behind Mrs. Fortin’s house and a flat area flanked by a cliff, Charlotte Creek and the Susquehanna. The group walked a figure 8 on the hillside and the perimeter of the flat area bounded by water ways. Because of melting snow and recent rain, Charlotte Creek and the Susquehanna were filled to the brim. While the group was looking at the raging Charlotte Creek, we saw Doug Fielder racing towards us with a brand new camera in hand. The photographs below initiated this prized toy.

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