Hike on Regan’s Property – Tuesday 10, 2014

Report by Peter Regan – Twenty-two intrepid hikers found their way to Shacktown Mountain in Pittsfield, NY for 3 short hikes on Aviva Schneider and Peter Regan’s farm. We viewed the wetland adjacent to the pond in the yard via a tunnel like trail that runs around the pond. Following that, we walked a woods road behind the house and the trail that runs behind the barn to a small pond in the forest. We saw wild columbine in various colors, redwing blackbird young in a nest, lots of frog eggs and newts in the water. Last but not least we had fresh baked refreshments at the house. The day began quite foggy but the sun began to emerge just at hiking time so the spring greenery was in its peak. Some hikers returned to Oneonta via the top of Shacktown Mt. for the views.  Photographs: Three photos in the top row were taken by Doug Fielder and those in the lower row by Scott Fielder.

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