Goodyear Lake Hike – Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Report by Linda Pearce – Twenty-six hikers gathered at our house at Goodyear Lake. Three people walked on the lake roads while the rest of us took the 3-mile hike to the Collier’s Dam. Our walk took us along the railroad tracks to Silliman Cove Rd. and through the nicely wooded trail to the dam. As in many previous years, recent rains caused quite an overflow at the dam creating a very pretty sight. Several went down the steep hill (the portage used in the Clinton Canoe Regatta) to the base of the dam. From the dam we circled back through the state land where they are currently working to make new trails that will be handicapped accessible. Trees have been cut down and trail beds are being prepared with shale and crushed stone. It appears that the parking lot is being enlarged and an improved access is being prepared for putting in cartop boats. We returned to our backyard to eat our lunch and to cool off with some ice cream. Even though it became quite warm on our way back, we all had a nice morning outing.  Photographs by Currie Marr

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