Valley View Hiking Trails – Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Report by Ruth Schaeffer – The hike was held at The Valley View Hiking trails outside of Unadilla, NY. Sixteen people carpooled and we started the hike a little after 10:00. It was a nice, sunny day and we started out by hiking the Creekside Trail. It is next to a small stream and we saw lots of small toads and a coral mushroom. They were so pretty. We hiked the valley view trail and enjoyed a great view of the valley, as well as beautiful butterflies. As we came across to the outside perimeter trail I noticed everyone got real quiet all of a sudden. As I turned around to see what was happening, everyone had stopped to pick and eat blackberries. There were so many bushes and lots of nice berries. The highlight of the hike, I think.

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