Brookfield Horse Trail Hike – Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Report by Rita Salo – A perfectly beautiful Fall day and woods full of color gave us everything we hoped for on our morning at the Brookfield Horse Trails in Columbus. Fifteen of us made it, but we missed a few folks along the way (Monica, Irv and Alex), and I am truly sorry about that. We walked for three miles in a loop that took us around the Lean-to and the Horse Barns. The hike was longer than the scale of miles showed on the map, which made us late for our 12:30 PM Tour of Golden Artists Paints in New Berlin. We got there about 12:50 PM and were given an informative description of what Golden does, how the company is structured (Employee Owned) and how meticulously the paint samples and labels are hand done. Golden, we learned, is also completely environmentally conscious. Emma Golden was our able Guide and Mark Golden informed us that there are two hiking trails on the grounds – one for a fifteen minute walk and one for a forty five minute walk. Ain’t that grand!  Photos of Brookfield and Golden Artists Paints are by Doug Fielder.

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