Vroman’s Nose Hike – October 14, 2014

Report by Jack Ewen – The hike was scheduled near the end of “fall color” for 2014. It was a challenging day from warm and sunny to foggy and misty. Thirty-five hikers were attracted. Many were new participants. Vroman’s Nose is a popular NYS hikers’ scenic destination, and also, it has Revolutionary War relevance. We invited a resident historian whose connection with the Middleburg area went back to 1710. Because hikers scurried to the top and assembled in two separate locations, some missed the historian’s interesting presentation, and later, the visit to Timothy Murphy’s gravesite in Middleburg Cemetery. Timothy is credited by some as the sharpshooter who turned the tide of the Revolutionary War by killing the popular British General Frazier at the Second Battle of Saratoga. Murphy’s gravesite was near the “Colored Plot” which stimulated a discussion of Slavery in Upstate NY. It was a great day.

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