Gilbert Lake State Park Hike – Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Report by Currie Marr – On a sunny, frigid day 16 ADKers hiked around Gilbert Lake and through a cabin colony area. According to our tracker, Jim Austin, the distance was 3.3 miles in 1 ½ hours. Fortunately the snow-ice conditions present 3 days before had melted providing safe footing. In December 2011 ADKers discovered along the lake trail a small, scraggly spruce decorated with red Christmas ornaments (photo 1). They named it the “Charlie Brown’ tree. Again, the following year, the tree was resplendent with even more decorations (photo 2). On checking this time only one ornament was found, a Goose (photo 3). Perhaps, this was emblematic of the lone goose spotted on Gilbert Lake. When finished, hikers seemed invigorated and inspired to return home to decorate their tree. Photographs of this hike are by Fred Johnson

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