Greenwoods Conservancy Hike – Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Report by Monica Peters – Although it was a very DAMP day, 11 ADK members showed up to Hike the Greenwoods Conservancy trails in the Town of Burlington. After all signed the SUNY permission and the Conservancy Indemnity Agreement, the group set off on the Yellow Trail from Cranberry Bog Road over the hill and along the trail to the dock on the Bog. Lots of wild flowers were observed … among them were Foam Flowers and Ragged Robin. Our botany expert pointed out several interesting fungi along the trails and a lone pink Lady Slipper was also seen. Someone also saw anther wild orchid as well. We proceeded on the Yellow Trail and onto the Green Trail (which was a bit soggy but enjoyable) through the woods and over the stream; back to Cranberry Bog Road and returned to our vehicles. Total hiking was 3.1 miles as determined by one of the hikers. At this point all were treated and enjoyed homemade Blueberry Bars provided by the leaders. Everyone agreed that although the weather was not perfect, it did not actually rain, there were no bothersome bugs and conditions were good enough that all the hikers expressed much enjoyment and appreciation of the opportunity to access the lovely trails, view the Bog and enjoy a sociable day together.  Photos by Currie Marr – 1) On-the-Trail, 2) Cranberry Bog, 3) Blueberry Bar Treats, 4) Platterful Mushroom (Tricholomopsis platyphylla), 5) Ragged Robin, 6) Leaf Galls

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