Mt. Utsayantha Hike – Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Trip Report by Lucille Wiggin – On Tue July 28th thirteen ADKers and one runner did Mt. Utsayantha above Stamford. The weather was very warm in the valley, but very nice up top. The ADKers parked half way up at the pull off on Mountain Rd. and walked the dirt road while the runner, Kathy’s son, ran from Stamford to the top and returned. The dirt road was being repaired by the town dump trucks depositing tons of flat Creek-run sized rocks. It wasn’t pleasant walking and we were glad we went before they completed the job. However, the view from the top and the fire tower was worth the climb and we enjoyed our lunch break there. Most of us stopped at Stewarts for desert and really enjoyed their air conditioning. Subscribers to ‘Kaatskill Life” magazine can read about one of Stamford’s more famous or infamous son’s on page 61. Edward Zane Carroll Judson alias Ned Buntline led a MOST colorful life. He wrote hundreds of dime novels including four about “Buffalo Bill” and a play which created a life-long career for Cody. The article also includes then and now pictures of the home Buntline built in Stamford and the fact that he is buried in the cemetery there.  Photographs by Fred Johnson: Photo 1) Utsayantha Monument, 2) Summit Sign of Tower, 3) Fire Tower, 4) 91 Steps to the Top, 5) View of Summit, 6) View of Stamford, 7) Tag Photo – Hike Beginning. 

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