Goodyear Lake Hike – Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Report by Linda Pearce – – On a beautiful morning, thirty hikers gathered at our house at Goodyear Lake. While three people walked on the lake roads, the rest of us took the 3+ mile hike to the Collier’s Dam. Our walk took us along the railroad tracks to Silliman Cove Rd. and through the wooded trail to the dam. We encountered a variety of mushrooms along the way, including some commonly known as “sulphur shelf” or “chicken mushroom”, “hen of the woods” and “Indian pipes”, all pictured below. We’re so grateful for Currie’s knowledge to identify them and inform us about them. From the dam we circled back through the State Land that had been upgraded last year to be handicap accessible. The project included a fishing dock, benches, a fireplace and tables at the point, a 1/4 mile hard-packed trail to the parking lot, as well as a handicap accessible docking system for car-top boats. All were impressed by the work of the DEC to improve this area. We returned to our backyard to eat lunch and to enjoy some ice cream and fellowship.  Photographs by Scott Fielder.

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