Grand Gorge Rail-to-Trails Hike – Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Report by Frances Darrah – About 16 hikers and 1 cyclist traveled to Delaware County on a beautiful fall day to the “Rail-to-Trails” between Grand Gorge and Roxbury. We split up and walked from each end passing car keys when we met. The people receiving the keys drove the cars back to where they started. The level trail took about 1 ½ hours. Along the way we admired giant rocks, man-made rock walls, water fowl, colorful leaves and Steven Hinkley’s memorial. The memorial plaque indicates that Steve loved the outdoors, but who placed the memorial on this portion of the Catskill Scenic Trail? Following the event, some stop for lunch (or ice cream) at Sundaes Restaurant & Ice Cream Parlor in Grand Gorge and put on all the pounds we had lost walking.  Photographs by Fred Johnson.

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