Lower Riddell State Park Hike – Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Report by Ruth Schaeffer – Twenty-four people showed up to hike on a very nice fall day at Lower Riddell State Park. The trees still had some color as we followed the trail along the creek. We noticed some animals had pulled corn stalks into the creek and we found a Wild Cucumber which interested us. A crossing for farm tractors was pointed out to us. There was a tree down and it looked like beavers had been busy building! On the way back someone noticed an animal going into an old shed. Upon closer inspection it was reported to be a porcupine and one of the hikers managed to get a very nice picture of it!! Just as the hike finished there was a quick shower. Eight ended up at Pondo’s for lunch.  Photographs: Top row by Fred Johnson and bottom row by Carol Saggese.

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