Mallet Pond Hike – Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Report by Al Martel – Thirteen of our members of the Susquehanna Chapter of ADK met in Summit, NY for a hike to Mallet Pond. Mallet Pond is an 8 acre impoundment located in NYS’s Eminence State Forest about 5 miles east of Summit in Schoharie County. The access road to Mallet Pond is on the south side of Rossman Fly Road. We parked at the trailhead/parking area and hiked down a short trail to the pond and then ‘bushwhacked’ a short distance north of the inlet stream to an informal campsite having a fire pit. A picnic lunch of hotdogs and chips was enjoyed after the small fire we built had burned down to coals. Everyone cut their own sticks to roast the hotdogs and lunch was served! A combination of the fresh air, the slow cooked roasting of the dogs and everyone’s company made for a noteworthy appreciation of an otherwise simple meal. The fire was put out; we packed up and returned to the trailhead for the trip home. Next year, the consensus seemed to be for a summer trip so that people could swim and possibly fish for some of the trout stocked in Mallet Pond. Thanks to all who participated for a nice trip. Photographs: First two photos by Julia Smith; others by Linda Melchionne.

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