Deer Haven Campsites Hike – Tuesday, January 15, 2016

Report by Dick Breuninger – Fourteen members including the leader Dick Breuninger hiked up the hill in West End to the Deer Haven Campsites owned by Brett and Mica Holleran. The wind was strong and stung at our faces as we walked. One could see as far as Otego to the SW and beyond Southside Drive to the SE. Logs were being hauled up to a loading area to be carted away. We walked a ways into the woods behind Deer Haven which is owned by Walt Bettiol of Otego. The woods provided a nice break from the wind. Several members asked if we could do the hike in warmer weather. Dick will try for the fall when the leaves have turned colors. If you see the Hollerans or Walt Bettiol at any time, thank them for permission to hike up there.  Photographs by Fred Johnson.

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