Hartwick and Job Corps Trails Hike – Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Report by Aleda Koehn – Just because it had snowed all evening, and the temperature was about 15 degrees , and the wind was blowing around 30 miles per hour…no reason to cancel an ADK hike. I set my alarm so I would have time to shovel the driveway, and still make the hike location by Hartwick’s Binder gym. I arrived but wondered if anyone would show up. After waiting for a bit, a car pulled in. Two hikers- Kathy and Chris Carey – all the way from Delhi !
We walked up past the tennis courts and then on to the top of the hill. Kathy said she had not been to Table Rocks in 30 years so we decided to head in that direction. We bush-wacked our way to the top of the formation and looked out over a snowy, windy, vista. We retraced our steps back to the top of the hill and then walked through the woods along the ridge road leading to Strawberry Fields. Just as we started across the field we saw someone coming down from the woods. It was Lucille! She had followed our tracks and caught up with us. We decided to brave the wind wiping across the open field and head into more sheltered trail across the field. Even in the woods we could hear the winds, see the swaying tree tops, and dodge clumps of snow blowing down from the trees. Occasionally the sun would come out and all around was beautiful. Deer tracks and round paw-like tracks made just that morning were seen- Bobcat? Coyote? We walked as far as the hill that leads to the water towers and then turned around. We returned by the lower field road, crossed the small brook, and made our way back to the tennis courts, and then down the hill to our cars. So glad to have enjoyed a great day.

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