Fortin Park Hike – Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Report by Norma Lee Havens – What a beautiful day for a hike at Fortin Park. Twenty three sturdy souls were ready and waiting at the Park. Each was supplied with a plastic bag for treasures. When the hike ended the treasures were collected and taken to the transfer station. I am sure the Town of Oneonta was pleased with our efforts at spring cleaning. The first part of the hike included walking along Charlotte Creek and the Susquehanna River. The first wet area near the picnic tables and shelter was filled with Skunk Cabbage buds ready to burst into flower. The young-stems of Red-Osier Dogwood were bright-red, typical of spring color. Many buds on the big trees were just waiting to burst after a few more sunny days. What were those mysterious piles of fresh dirt on the playing field and the underground burro carefully dug across our path? What small animal worked so hard to dig them out? Aleda found a minuscule owl pellet which she opened revealing a tiny jaw bone with teeth and furry body. Some of us noticed the sparkling ice formations hanging from branch tips in the River – gifts from winter. During the second part of the hike we walked the woodland paths behind the house on the upper section. The paths and trees were interesting and provided views of the Susquehanna flood Plain. We talked of the 2006 Susquehanna flood event . Jim Austin reported that we had walked a total of 2.4miles. On this sunny, glorious day we were ready to enjoy the walk and thanks to all of you who came. Afterwards some of us had lunch together at Fox Health Links Cyber Cafe.  Photographers: First row photos by Fred Johnson; Other photos by Scott Fielder.

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