Goodyear Lake Hike – Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Report by Linda Pearce – The first full day of summer brought with it a beautiful morning for hiking at Goodyear Lake. Twenty-nine participated in the walk to the Collier’s Dam, while three others walked on the lake roads. Our 3-mile hike to the dam took us along the railroad tracks, then on Silliman Cove Road to the State Land. This property was upgraded 2 years ago to be handicap accessible, including a docking system for car top boats and a trail to a picnic/fishing site. We continued on the trail through the woods, stopping at the Collier’s Dam. This dam was completed in 1907, replacing a dam about 150 ft. downstream, built by Peter Collier and his son-in-law, Jared Goodyear, to operate a sawmill and grist mill. That property was bought out in 1904 and the new dam constructed to provide electric power to a 65-mile long trolley line from Oneonta to Herkimer and for general public usage. We returned to our backyard to enjoy a relaxing lunch and some ice cream. We all had an enjoyable outing.  Photos by Fred Johnson

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