Long Path & Vroman’s Nose – Tuesday. August 9, 2016

Report by Ruth Schaeffer – 26 hikers attempted the Long Path, “Cliff” hike in Middleburgh on a beautiful, sunny August day! It was a challenging hike but we all rose to the occasion and it was quite an accomplishment for us! Four hikers continued on with the original plan to also hike Vroman’s nose. The rest of us decided to leave that for another day. After the strenuous climb up, the views from the ridge line were incredible! I particularly liked the view of Vroman’s nose from across the valley and so high up! We also learned that for another hike, some of us could walk up a road to the ridge line or for the adventuresome; they can hike up the Long Path trail. The Long Path was a new hike for our group. After lunch at the Timothy Murphy Park some went to the farm stands, and others ended up with an ice cream treat! I would like to thank both of our trail guides: Buck Berdan and Steve Babbitt. They both went above and beyond to help us have a wonderful day.  Photographs: Tag photo by Scott Fielder; photos 1-4 by Fred Johnson; and photos 5-6 by Julie Smith.


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