Greenway Trail Clearing – Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Report by Lucille Wiggin – A thousand THANKS to the 26 ADKers, one visitor and two new hikers who showed up at the Greenway with clippers, loppers and small saws. Did we ever get into more than we bargained for with clearing in-growing weeds and overhead vines and small tree branches. We split into two groups and went in opposite directions from the parking area. The plan was to meet in an hour or so and share the trail mix. However, it took our group almost two hours to clear from the start to the school bus garage and no riverside clearers were in sight. By then it was almost noon so we stopped for the snack. A couple of people leaving the other group came toward us to report that they were slowed down by removing a fallen tree. Since it was so late and hot we returned to our cars and the others soon followed. While our group was waiting, a father and son on mountain bikes came by and thanked us so much for making the trail doable.  Photographs taken by Fred Johnson.

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