Lower Riddell State Park – Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Report by Ruth Schaeffer – Sixteen adventuresome hikers and one photographer braved the forecast and hiked Lower Riddell State Park. It had sprinkled earlier and as we started out there was a slight rain shower. But as we continued, the rain stopped. We enjoyed seeing Shad trees in bloom and the river was running very fast and fuller than usual. Some of us had a stick race to see whose stick made it under the bridge the fastest.
Since I hadn’t hiked here recently, the fence was new to me. It is on a corner where the creek turns and is eroding the bank. It is a favorite spot of mine! After the hike was finished, we all enjoyed watermelon until the rain started again. Just in time to get into our cars.  Photos: Group photo by Fred Johnson; other photos by Betsy O’Brian.

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