Goodyear Lake Hike – Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Report by Linda Pearce – A light rain at hike time didn’t discourage the 20 people that showed up for the Goodyear Lake hike. The rain stopped and it became a very pleasant morning. Seventeen walkers went on the 3-mile hike to Collier’s Dam while 3 others walked on the lake roads. As we walked the woodland trails, we encountered numerous red newts which Betsy O’Brien “rescued” so they wouldn’t get stepped on. Out on the point, we heard the loud chirping of baby birds from a white birch snag and then saw a parent woodpecker fly in to feed them. The road walkers also observed a chickadee, with bug in beak, fly to a hole in a stump. We returned to our backyard to eat our lunch and enjoy some ice cream for dessert.  Photographs: Photos 1 to 4 by Fred Johnson and photos 5, 6 by Betsy O’Brien.

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