Audubon Sanctuary Hike – Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Report by Jack Ewen – Wow, a Tuesday with no rain after 5 AM! Humid and wet grass, but we bypassed the slippery boardwalks and the mud pits on the interior trails for a shorter defined hike. Then many split off to extend their Hike by walking the Grange Hall road and/or down Swart Hollow to their cars at the Ewen Farm.
Maureen redefined the term Bog, from her Irish background, … a word for “toilet.” Then Lucille and Roberta were surprised with a Vlei , a Dutch word for “swamp”, that almost became the official name for our nearby Fly Creek…..(almost Vlei Creek.)
Jefferson resident, Betsy C , had never been to the Audubon Sanctuary; thought it was related to the High Speed Roadway in Germany. She now has plans to use Southside Drive to shop at Hannaford Market, another high speed road to bypass multiple stop lights on Rt 23.
No, we did not see any of the reported 120 sightings of bird species, recorded on May 26, 2017, No, we did not see the 300 lb Black Bear, reportedly on the hill a week ago. And, no reported problems with Deer Ticks, but of course Bob and Julie were not there.  Photos: by Fred Johnson. 

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