Grand Gorge Rail Trail – Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Report by Bob Ciganek and Julie Smith – Sixteen ADKers sensed the absolute beauty of a Catskill Fall day on the Grand Gorge Rail Trail. Massive Lichen-covered stones followed us on one side while meadows and beaver engineering kept our interest on the other. Pleasant conversation carried over from the trail to lunch and ice cream at Sundaes. A few photos to compliment those from several camera buffs on yesterday’s Rail Trail hike. You’ll find a mud packed beaver dam, a view across the trail to the rock banks, mystery berries (Roberta Austin tried one and survived), three photographers, signage, and the group.  Photo Credits: Tag photo, Julie Smith; Upper Row & Lower row #4, Fred Johnson; Lower Row #5, 6, Betsy O’Brien. 

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