Texas School House State Forest – Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Report by Linda Pearce – It was a beautiful autumn morning, crisp and sunny, to explore a new trail at Texas School House State Forest in the town of New Lisbon. Twenty-four of us started at the Lena Rd. entrance and hiked about a mile into the forest on what was probably an old logging road. At this point we began a trek through the woods on the new blue trail that was marked out this summer by the DEC. The highlight of this 2.5 mi. walk was coming upon the very impressive beaver pond, complete with a lodge, a very wide dam across the neck of the pond, and two smaller dams in the stream. Heron nests were also visible in the tops of the dead trees. The attached pictures certainly display the natural beauty of the area. From the pond we continued through the woods along the stream bed back to Lena Rd. It was a very enjoyable outing and some even thought “almost magical”. We hope to return there in the future.  Photo Credits: – Fred Johnson

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