CABIN FEVER WINTER FESTIVAL-Saturday, January 27, 2018

Event Report by Lucille Wiggin & Sue Smith – On Sat. Jan. 27, five Susquehanna Chap. ADKers participated at Gilbert Lake State Park in the 3rd Annual Cabin Fever Winter Fest sponsored by Oneonta Subaru. Fred Johnson brought our display board and we put out pamphlets. Al Martel had a display and demonstration on winter survival which he gave on the dock three times during the four hours from 11-3:00. Al’s amazing “cotton-ball fire starting Method” is so easy that at least three ADKers have said they have used the method successfully and have taught it to others. Sue Smith videoed his show for later showing and helped watch our display. Jeff Walshe added information on the Forest Fire Lookout Assoc. which lists five renovated towers in the Catskills. It turns out that he was the most faithful watcher of our display while the rest of us occasionally went off for walks, demonstrations or lunch breaks. We appreciated Julie and Bob’s arrival to cheer us on. OCCA had a display table next to ours. They are working on revising “Walks and Paddles” and want our input if anyone would like to get together with them/us on that. They are applying for a grant so it will be a while.  Photo Credits: Sue Smith
Here is a list of all activities during the day:
11:30 – Guide Led Beginner Snowshoe Hike around the lake – Starts at Briggs Lodge – Led by Jeff from OCCA
1:00 – Guide Led Beginner Cross-Country Skiing – starts at Briggs Lodge
1:30 – Guide Led Beginner Snowshoe Hike around the lake – Starts at Briggs Lodge – Led by Jeff from OCCA
Snowshoe and Cross-Country Demos – Near Briggs Lodge
11-3 – Drinks and lunch items – TBA
11-3 – Self Guided Snowshoeing and Cross-Country Skiing – There will be multiple trails open for self-guided snowshoeing & cross-country skiing
11-3 – Sledding – behind Briggs Lodge
11-3 – ADK informational sessions
11-3 – Animal Identification Information Table – Briggs Lodge
11-3 – Winter camping demo – outside Briggs Lodge
11-3 – Warm up by the Fire – Multiple fire locations. (Camp fire locations: inside Briggs Lodge, outside Briggs Lodge)
11-3 – Crafts for Kids – Located in Briggs Lodge
A good time was had by all….especially Ben Gunther of Subaru. We hope more of you can come next year.

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