Mt. Utsayantha – Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Report by Lucille Wiggin – The Mt. Utsayantha hike at Stamford was on the usual 85 to 90 degree day. However, 14 faithful hikers braved the heat, including Fred Johnson’s daughter and girls visiting from Indonesia. We enjoyed a gorgeous view during our bag lunches and some of us even climbed the fire tower. However, a slight haze prevented us from picking out Hartwick College, as we usually can. The highlight of the trip was stopping at Robinson Terrace Senior Living to visit long time member Fran Derrah. She has a wonderful suite farthest from the dining room which gives her a long walk overlooking a wet land so she can watch the wildlife. Wouldn’t you know?  Photo Credits: Group photo by Fred Johnson; Other photos by Betsy O”Brien.

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