Texas School House State Forest – October 9, 2018

Report by Linda Pearce – Twenty-six “friendly folks” gathered on a warm autumn morning to hike about 3 miles on a woodland trail at the Texas School House State Forest in the town of New Lisbon. The forest has been marked for logging since last year which may take place in the near future. From the Lena Rd. entrance, we walked about a mile on what was probably an old logging road and then over to the beaver pond. A large beaver lodge stood out in the pond, as well as heron’s nests atop the dead trees. Near the neck of the pond, a smaller lodge had been constructed. A long, larger dam and three smaller dams in the stream were evidence of the beavers’ engineering skills. We continued along the stream bed and back to Lena Rd. It was a very enjoyable outing.  Photo Credits: Fred Johnson, row 1, photos 1 & 3; Other Photos by Betsy O’Brien.

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