SUNY Delhi Outdoor Education Center – October 16, 2018

Report by Ruth Schaeffer – Twenty-three hikers showed up to try a new hike for the group. It was at the SUNY Delhi Education trails. It was a beautiful day, with lots of blue sky and sunshine. No rain in sight, but a chill in the air. We followed the perimeter trail and noticed beautiful places to sit and reflect. There was a butterfly garden and the trail followed the stream and it was running fast, with all the rain we have had. Hikers shared with each other all the sights of the trail and enjoyed ourselves immensely. Another great hike and one we will surely try again.  Photo Credits: Tag and Group Photos by Fred Johnson; Other photos by Betsy O”Brien. Tag Photo is Pokeweed; Photo 2 is Milkweed; Photo 5 is Buttonbush; Photo 6 is the Orange Mycena (Mycena leaiana)

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