Gilbert Lake Hike – March 19, 2019

Report by Aleda Koehn – Aleda Koehn – It was a cool but sunny day as 17 hikers started out on the connector trail from the small parking lot at the north end of Gilbert Lake. From Fred’s photo you might think it was a walk on a dry trail. Not at all! The short walk up the leafy end of the Deer Run Trail soon lead to all snow. The snow was not deep, however, and walking was relatively easy – up the hill and down the hill, and then the connection to the loop that goes around the ponds. Here we saw that the trail had somewhat packed tire tracks, a vehicle must have gone by the day before, (after I had been there). We stopped at Ice Pond and here three hikers decided to continue by way of Twin Fawns Lake and back through the Cabin Colony. Most of the group choose to turn to the right and follow the Spring Pond Loop. Here we saw shiny new wire on the ground under the electric line. That might explain the vehicle tracks. The 1.1 mile loop had not been disturbed so the footing required at bit more attention. There were places where we would crunch through slaps of snow covered ice. The walk was fun and it was nice to be in the snowy woods. When we finished the loop we decided to return the same way we had started, past Ice Pond and down the road close to the Cabin Colony. Both groups had a good day!!  Photo Credits: Tag photo by Fred Johnson; other photos by Betsy O’Brien

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