Bilderebeck County Forest – March 26, 2019

Report by Liza Mundy – Nineteen hikers met to take a long awaited hike to Bilderbeck County Forest, via Arnold Lake State Forest, in the town of Hartwick. Fourteen hikers braved the deep snow (30″ fell in the area over the weekend) while five hikers elected to walk around the lake. Joe Sweeney, Otsego Cty Forest Technician, led the way. Some were lucky to have snowshoes and skis while others trudged thru the deep snow for 3.75 miles. Joe spoke of the history and future plans for the forest. This included linking Bilderbeck to the Arnold Lake Forest and making the trails more accessible. Joe was pleased of the condition of the trail. Neighboring residents and ADK members Liza and Don Mundy have been maintaining a 5 mile section of this forest, for the past year. Joe is hopeful there will be more volunteers when grant monies for these forests can be accessed.  Photos by Betsy O’Brien

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