Hike from Wilber Park to Youngman Ave – April 23, 2019

Report by Tracy Verma – On the beautiful, pleasant day of April 23, 2019, 27 ADK members including new hikers, joined the hike led by Tracy Verma up over Wilbur Park and back. We met at the kiosk in the upper park and hiked on the following trails: yellow Crossover, blue Bridge Street Traverse, orange Wilbur Park Drop, white Main Street, black lower loop, back down Wilbur Park Drop, Bridge Street Traverse, and Crossover. Highlights included finding two tiny yellow violets popping out of leaves near the start of and on the Main Street Trail, seeing a downy woodpecker, seeing the glorious view on the other side of the park from the top since the deciduous trees were still bare, looking down at the gorge below and at the thick Hemlock forest ahead of us, and, after we sat on a fallen log in the Hemlocks to enjoy a snack, further down the trail, some of us enjoyed going off trail near the edge of the gorge to see the fast flowing brook. Some people chose to walk back from the end of the Main Street trail at Youngman Avenue to Wilbur Park on the sidewalks. There was also one car parked to drive people back to the Wilbur Park parking lot. Most of the hikers chose to hike back up the hill to the other side and back down again. A good workout, as they were forewarned, over three miles – nearly 4 by some people’s count.
The hike was more than 2 ½ hours with several rests along the way. Thank you all for joining and for appreciating this new hike. Hopefully by the next time we do it, the trails will be better marked, as there were a few places we had to back track despite that I had walked the hard to find trails 2 times in the last 2 weeks.  Photos by Betsy O’Brien 

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