Goodyear Lake Hike – July 30, 2019

Report by Linda Pearce – Even though it was a very hot summer day, twenty-nine people came out to walk at Goodyear Lake. While two walkers did the shorter walk on the lake roads, the rest of us did a 3-mile hike from our house to the Collier’s Dam. Along Silliman Cove Rd. we encountered a couple of cute, fluffy chickens hiding in the grass. On the State Land we walked the trail to the point and then continued on along the area next to the dam, observing that there was quite a flow of water over the dam. Fortunately, we were able to be in shaded areas most of the time. Upon returning to our backyard, we had our lunch which was followed by an “ice cream social”. I think we all enjoyed the outing.  Photos by Betsy O’Brien

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