Milford State Forest – October 22, 2019

Report by Linda Pearce – A few sprinkles during the hike didn’t dampen the spirits of the eighteen hikers at Milford State Forest on Kelly Corners Rd. We walked 3.4 miles on two loops of trails, one on the south side and one on the north side of State Land Rd. Along the way, we saw large patches of two colorful lichens, one with red knobs growing on rotten wood, “British soldiers” (Cladonia cristatella), and the other with pink knobs growing on rock or hard soil surface (Baeomyces roseus). We appreciate Currie Marr for identifying these and explaining to us that a Lichen is a composite organism of algal cells and fungal filaments living together symbiotically. The alga provides sugar (energy) to the fungus and the fungus provides essential minerals to the algal cells. We were also impressed with the numerous trees that had been felled by the beavers next to the pond, even tackling some with a large circumference. With the help of many, we picked up a large amount trash along our walk. Enjoy the pictures!  Photo Credits: Group Photo by Fred Johnson; other photos by Betsy O’Brien.

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