Fortin Park – November 19, 2019

Report by Currie Marr – Twenty people participated in the 2.2 mile boundary hike of Fortin Park. Using the Fortin house as reference, the group walked the perimeter of two parcels of land 1) the flood plains in front of the house and 2) the hillside behind the house. Park structures on the flood-plains, include: maintenance sheds, small pavilion where ADK has picnics, children’s playgrounds, fishing dock at the confluence of Charlotte Creek and the Susquehanna River, airport hangers used for picnics, ice skating, and multipurpose gatherings. The hillside area is used primarily for hiking, skiing and snowshoeing. The Park’s development began in 2000 when the Town of Oneonta purchased 95 acres of land from Elise (Young) and her husband Albert Fortin. From 1959 to 2000 the Fortins operated a small airport business, and prior to 1959 the Youngs farmed the land.  Photo Credits: Fred Johnson.

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