New Island Trail – August 11th, 2020

Thirteen Susquehanna hikers meet at Catella Park at  9:00  AM for a hike to New Island.  This hike was rescheduled from the prior Tuesday when the hurricane soaked Oneonta with much-needed rain. The day was sunny and getting hotter.  Most of the walk was along trails in the shade, and although humid it was relatively comfortable.  We saw several views of the Susquehanna River and as we went back and forth on the blue signed  Worm Trail.  The main railroad bed trail is the red signed DOT Trail.  Most of the group took a short walk and return on the yellow Electric Lake Trail to see where the river bends somewhat to the Northeast. The many bikers who use this trail have made interesting challenges along the way.  One point of mystery was a bicycle with a bent wheel lying in the gully below a small bridge we crossed.  What happened here??? We returned on the DOT trail and went past the dam.  Because of the recent rains, there was much water going over the dam and it was interesting to view.  Trip report by Aleda Koehn. Photos by Betsy O’Brien.

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