Wilber Park – October 13, 2020

Report by Tracy Verma.  On a gray morning with a very light, unimposing, gentle mist of rain, 9 ADK hikers went up Wilber Park Drop Trail, then turned north on the black trail and down the yellow to the blue trail. The trail was a little hard to follow due to fresh leaf fall, but the trickle of rain kept the leaves damp so the trail was slightly visible. The trails need new signs, as they were faded and far apart.

We hiked for about 1 1/4 mile and then added an additional loop trail through the lower sections of the park to complete about 2 miles overall. The fall colors were exquisite against the gray skies. All were glad to be outside on this beautiful day. Gentle pitter -patter of rain on the leaves, groups of small songbirds, and an artistically decorated, colorful forest canopy and forest floor were highlights. When we paused at a nice view along the power line, Ed recited Robert Frost’s famous poem ‘Two Roads Diverged in a Wood’. Then followed it with an amusing adaptation by his grandson. 

Photos by Irene Jervis.

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