Lower Riddell State Park – October 27, 2020

Report by Ruth Schaeffer.  The hike on Tues., Oct.27 was at Lower Riddell State Park.  Fourteen people hiked the trails and enjoyed a few breaks of sunshine.  The temperature was just right for a fall hike.

We walked onto the bridge and played “the stick game”. From one side of the bridge, we tossed our sticks into the creek and went to the other side to see whose stick came out the other side first.  Ramona Truscott was the winner.  We saw where a storm had blown down some trees.  Some of the trees had been cleared away.  We found some puff balls and many acorns and there were still beautiful fall leaves to see! 

It was a great 2 mile hike. 

Photos by Betsy O’Brien and Janice Downie.

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