Gilbert Lake State Park – November 10, 2020

Report by Aleda Koehn.   THREE PONDS AND A LAKE.   Seventeen ADK’ers arrived at the far end of Gilbert Lake on a “summer day” in November.  Five began the walk around the lake while the other twelve took the trail up and down through the woods to connect to the pond trails.  Arriving at the hill above Ice Pond, we saw on the right side, a scattering of birch trees cut by beavers.  Seemed the beavers had traveled a bit to satisfy their need for tasty wood.  Maybe they only took the smaller branches as they had to drag their harvest downhill to the construction site in the woods on the lower side of the dam.  Much work has been done since the last time we walked through here.   There were elongated domed lodges with patches of water between.  The air was still and Ice Pond mirrored the surrounding trees and blue sky above. After photos and a short rest, the group decided to add another mile and go on to Spring Pond.  “It might be next summer before we have as warm and nice a day. Let’s make the most of it!!”  Up the hill and through the woods and a short stop at Spring Pond.  The trail is well kept and seems to have been widened.  Those of us who have skied this path in past winters remember negotiating the steep little drop just before the bridge by sitting on our skis and sliding down.  Out to the main trail under the electric wires and then around and down to Lake of the Twin Fawns.  Again a short rest and the long uphill – which seems to get longer each year.  Through the woods and finally at the cabin colony and back to the parking lot.  According to my park map estimate, we walked just over four miles.  

The walk around the lake was reported to be lovely – a pleasant stroll and good conversation.  The Charlie Brown Christmas tree is alive and well and even has grown a bit.  A small piece of tinsel still clings to a branch!

Photos by Irene Jervis & Diane Aaronson

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