Goey Pond, Milford -November 17, 2020

Report by Liza Mundy.  On Nov. 17th, seventeen bundled hikers headed out in light snow to Goey Pond in Milford. Many of the hikers were acquainted with the secluded lake while some were not aware of its existence. At one time, not so long ago, it was the main water source for Milford, henceforth, making it off limits for swimming, boating and fishing. Although it is discouraged to use the lake for recreation, it is this leader’s understanding that the water no longer is used for drinking. After a brief stop at the waterside, we headed to a pine forested trail that led along the water’s edge. When we reached a downed tree, four hikers headed back.  The remainder finished the loop and headed back to complete a 3.75 mile walk.

Photos by Irene Jervis and Betsy O’Brien.

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