Oneonta Greenway – January 5th, 2021

Report by Aleda Koehn.  Nineteen ADKer’s came to the Greenway on a cold and very cloudy day to enjoy a walk.  The trail was snowy from a recent storm, but prior footsteps made a walkable path.  We were greeted by Mike Forster-Rothbart, who was taking photos for the Hometown newspaper.  He took many shots of our group coming and going, but nothing ever made it to Hometown in the following weeks.  Mike is a member of the Greenway Committee and he pointed out where an extension of the trail was proposed.   I tried to organize a socially distanced group photo in the field but it was like herding cats and the results were confusing.  The surrounding hills were misty and appeared to touch the clouds.  The fast-flowing Susquehanna River was dark and forbidding.  Observing scenery and snow, we all enjoyed our walk and getting together with friends.  However, as cases of COVID increase in Otsego County, the group was informed that we may possibly cancel the Susquehanna sponsored outings until the situation improves.  

Photos by Irene Jervis and Janice Downie.

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