April 27th, 2021 – Oneonta Greenway

Report by Aleda Koehn.  The day was gray and started out rather cold, in the thirties, but 16 ADKers came to the Greenway for a “Walk and Spot Spring Wildflowers”.  As we started from the large parking area at the end of Silas Lane, a mower came along the edge of the field.  I waved down the driver.  When the machine was quiet, I asked if he had received a thank you note from ADK.  Yes, he had.  His name is Bradley and I called out to our group to thank him for doing such a great job maintaining the Greenway trails. We all clapped for Bradley!   

 We first walked up river, turned around and walked downriver, and then did the square around and through the field.  We saw many blue violets and a few yellow ones.  Scattered around in spots was the lovely Trout Lily, and because the morning was dark, the petals were somewhat closed. There were many patches of white-petaled Bloodroot, half wrapped by its large leaf. Other plants we saw included some blooming Red Trillium, Cut-leaf Toothwort, emerging Mayflower, and green leaves of Ramps.   By the river’s edge was a small tree in bloom – Shadbush.  I noted that it was “shad” because it blooms when the shad are swimming up the Connecticut River.  Bob said it was when the shad were swimming up the Hudson River.  I guess it all depends on where you grew up!   In the field we stopped to look at last year’s stalks and pods of Indian Hemp, in the Dogbane Family.  Twine (poisonous) can be made from the long strands of fiber in the stalk.  Go to YouTube and you can learn how!  The mowed field, which was perfectly green a week ago, was now dotted all over with blooms of Dandelion.   As we ended our walk, we saw patches of Cuckoo Flower.  It is a Mustard with a strange name but a rather pretty small flower.   

 Walk the Greenway every week or two.  The colors, flowers, trees, shrubs, will change in an amazing display throughout the season.   

Photos by Betsy O’Brien.

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