May 11th, 2021 – Texas School House State Forest

Report by Aleda Koehn.  Sixteen ADKer’s met at TSHF on a beautiful spring morning.  The drive in was a bit trying as the Town of New Lisbon was resurfacing Texas Road and we were making some of the first tracks on the new dirt surface.   We started up the Blue Trail and then the cut off to the pond.  As we approached the shore, we were astonished to see that there was a much lower water level and that mud flats extended out all around the pond.  The beaver dam had been breached!!!   We could see the empty section on the long beaver dam where the water had burst through.  As you may recall we had much rain over the weekend and on Sunday the dam could no longer sustain the pressure. The trail follows the stream for a way through the forest and it was interesting to see that the bed had been scoured by the rushing water.  Vegetation such as grasses were all pointing downstream.  After about a mile the trail then turns away from the stream and goes up a logging road and back to the entrance.  A few wanted to drive down Lena Road to check what may have happened where the stream crosses the road.  We could see that chunks of driveway had been broken up and some damage to the road.  I was told by the Town of Lisbon Supervisor that they had to fix the driveways so that the residents could get their cars onto the road.    All in all, a VERY interesting morning.    

Photos by Scott Fielder.

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